Holiday in the heart of Småland
Holiday in the heart of Småland
Holiday in the heart of Småland
Holiday in the heart of Småland


A holiday village in Sweden

A holiday village in the middle of the real Småland nature. Let us give you the possibility of peace and quiet. Our eco-villages are made of our natural history and character. It smells of spruce, pine and forest scents. One can fantasize about how Nils Dacke roam among these spruces that we currently have lined the walls in our cabins. The central location, in the middle of Småland is perfect for expeditions around the Småland

In Virserum lake, which is outside the window, it is free to fish.

Bath from the bridge, outside the sauna, at the small child-friendly sandy beach, where the boat is. Larger swimming area is available at various locations around Virserum lake.

Skiing is the obvious pleasure in the winter. You are practically in the middle of one of southern Sweden’s best ski slopes. Long-distance skiing or skating when the ice permits are other beauty activities.


Ekobyn consists of 3 small cabins, about 42 squaremeters, built between 1997 and 2001. There are 4 beds. There are two sleepingrooms, kichen and livingroom. Houses are built in an organic way. The timber for the houses has grown where houses now stand. Much is recycled and secondhand materials. The colors are old traditional color types with only natural raw materials such as linseed oil, eggs, Hartz, beeswax ect. All material is processed locally or supplied by local contractors.

auna is exposed in a cottage by the waterside.

Ekobyn has its own well water. All sewage be disposed of in its own plant. Recycled water infiltration and return to the wild after treatment. Toilet waste is composted and used as soil improvers.

The houses are of course all the amenities, electricity, hot and cold water, WC, shower, microwave, coffee maker, television, refrigerator. A freezer is available in the woodshed. A cozy stove warms the cool evenings.


Summer in Ekobyn have everything you need. An own lake for fishing, a perfect little child-friendly beach for a morning swim before breakfast coffee.

Spring is perfect for early fishing for pike and perch. Fishing is free and how much you want in Virserum Sea.

Autumn is peak season for those who like to fish, pick mushrooms or just walk around in the unspoilt nature.

Dackestupet, ski slopes, is the obvious pleasure in the winter. Here are different runs to suit all. When the ice has frozen on Virserum lake You get an unforgettable experience on the beautiful lake.

Our sauna has room for 8 people. End the day in the woodheated sauna at water’s edge.

A summer in Ekobyn offers
everything you need!


Astrid Lingren's World

Vimmerby with Astrid Lindgren’s World is located 55 km from Virserum. One of Sweden’s most visited tourist destinations.

Kalmar and Öland

Kalmar with Öland Bridge (in the 1970s Europe’s longest bridge) and Öland with its highly original landscape. Count on about 1 hour 20 minutes to Kalmar, there are over 100 km there.


Glasriket with many of the world’s finest glassworks can be reached within 1 hour’s drive.


Västervik, Sweden’s most beautiful city, situated on the Baltic Sea and with a large archipelago, 110 km and about 1 hour 15 minutes drive.


Gothenburg, a nice city. Sweden’s second city. About 300 km and 3 hour journey by car.


Stockholm, Sweden’s only city with a million inhabitants. 350 km and about 4 hours drive


The lake is right next to the cabins, about 50 meter or ½ – 1 minute walk.

Yes, there is a nice little sandy beach that cottage guests have for themselves. Here it is suitable for bathing, for children or for those who can not swim. Next door is a bit rocky promontory where there is a ladder. At the ladder there is 150 cm deep. There is a public beach about 500 meter from the cottages and a further public beach in Virserum Lake about 1 km from the cottages.

Yes all the fishing with rod is free, day or night.

There are plenty of perch, and pike. There are also whitefish, roach and bream.

All shops are in Virserums center, about 2 km from the cottages. There are two supermarkets that have most of what you need. Virserum is known for a very nice meat shop with produce from local suppliers. There is also a bank, flower shop, pharmacy, bakery, petrol station, garage, etc.

In Virserum there is a hotel with food service. There is also a pizzeria and a snack bar. Pub is not.

Liquorshop is not. The closest is in Hultsfred, about 30 km away. It is also possible to order alcohol in one of the stores in Virserum. Then you get delivery the next day or two.

No, but as the cottage is situated in the woods so it may be that there are mosquitoes after long rainy periods, like at all other locations. It is very happy that the mosquitoes are´nt any major problems.



+59 € cleaning-fee

845 €


24.06.2023 – 26.08.2023

Including: firewood, sauna, WiFi and rowboat included!


+59 € cleaning-fee

575 €


13.05.2023 – 24.06.2023
26.08.2023 – 09.09.2023

Including: firewood, sauna, WiFi and rowboat included!


+59 € cleaning-fee

545 €


07.01.2023 – 13.05.2023
09.09.2023 – 16.12.2023

Including: firewood, sauna, WiFi and rowboat included!

Christmas / new-year

+59 € cleaning-fee

845 €


16.12.2023 – 06.01.2024

Including: firewood, sauna, WiFi and rowboat included!

About us

From 1988 I was allowed to spend my childhood here in the outskirts of Virserum. Since then, Småland has been firmly anchored in my heart and I can no longer imagine life without it. The closeness to nature, the peace and quiet and the wonderful memories overwhelmed my family and me and made us return to Sweden again and again. Now we are very fortunate to be able to take over Ekobyn and to be able to continue operating in the future based on the ecological idea of ​​Bengt and Anika Eriksson.

We would be very happy to share this wonderful place with you, so that you too can take away some of the power and beauty of Småland.

We look forward to you,
Your Stoye family

Contact us!

Sören & Sarah Stoye
Dackestupet 6-7-8
57795 Virserum

Mail: Ekobyn@web.de